What Can You Expect

You can expect an education that extends beyond the typical “how to” of cosmetology into the “why”—the science of what we do as well as the art of how we do it. At Anousheh School of Hair we offer far more than the education necessary to simply pass your state board examination and become a practicing cosmetologist. We are licensed by the New York State Education Department, Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision. We offer:

  • 1250-hour Cosmetology curriculum, encompassing the fundamental principles of cosmetology and incorporating classroom instruction with practical application.
  • Cosmetology curriculum based on proven educational principles that impart elements of art and science, as they apply to the profession of cosmetology.
  • A curriculum based on science and art for the mastery of hair design and cosmetology, producing highly competent and creative professionals.
  • A modular training program to break down various procedures into simple, repeatable steps.

Science and art provide the basics for our educational system. The principles of Science define the “why” behind what we do, and the Art is in the “how” we do it. Artistically we look to create a total fashion image by applying your creative process, in a hands-on experience that combines design, decision-making, and proven techniques.