Benefits of 1250 Hours

What Can You Expect

You can expect an education that extends beyond the typical “how to” of cosmetology into the “why”—the science of what we do as well as the art of how we do it. At Anousheh School of Hair we offer more than the education necessary to pass your state board examination and become a practicing cosmetologist. We offer a 1250-hour Cosmetology curriculum, encompassing the fundamental principles of cosmetology and incorporating classroom instruction with practical application.

Benefits Of 1250 Hours

New York State requires 1000 hours to graduate and sit for the NYS Boards, so why do we offer 1250 hours? Employers often feel 1000 hours isn’t enough to be “client-ready”, the additional hours gives employers more confidence to hire new graduates.

At Anousheh School of Hair we believe that the extra hours open up more opportunity for you. Some reasons include:

  1. With Pennsylvania just minutes away requiring 1250 hours, you have the opportunity to expand your employment opportunities.
  2. More hours give you more time doing what you are trained to do, making you better prepared to provide cosmetology services to clients immediately.
  3. Our connections to the top stylists, colorists and makeup artists in New York city and beyond allows us to provide you with these guest speakers without having to travel to them.

Come and experience the difference and graduate ready to take on clients, serve your public knowing you have been fully trained in the profession you love!